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Fiona Thomas

Run Leader
DBS Expiry: 23/11/2021
When I started running:
I started running in April 2017. Re phrase that last statement...

Why I started running:
I had been going to slimming club for about a year and had lost a stone in weight. I had got to the point of just losing an odd pound or mainly just staying the same with my weight. I needed to exercise. This is where HH comes in. . .

I read on Facebook that they met a couple of times a week and I'm still sure to this day that I read about a walk!!! So a couple of nights a week a walk with some company, perfect!!! I turned up on a rainy Tuesday night to the Birds pub car park. I was met by a lovely lady called Sue. We introduced ourselves and she asked me if I ran . I said, do I look like I run!? She said we'll see.... she wasn't wrong!!! I had signed up to a C25k programme!!

Night one, week one, run one... 30 seconds into that first run I knew it wasn't going to be for me. I hated it!!! And was never coming back!!! But I did, I went back the next night and tried again. Still hated it but got through a whole minute of running without stopping!!! Dosent sound like a long time and it certainly wasn't far but I did it. The most I had ever ran before was a bath.

Over the next few weeks. I had gone from a minute to 5 minutes to 10 minutes. I was really starting to like it . I was starting to look forward to the next run to see what I could do. But none of this came without lots of swear words a mardy cardy and even some tears!! The one thing that was constant was the encouragement of Sue. She was amazing!! I will always be so thankful to her for giving me the support and encouragement that I needed. She taught me how to run . In 8 weeks I had completed C25k. I could actually run for 3 1 miles without stopping!!!! And had even got my first piece of bling!!

My running journey since then has completely changed my life. I'm now 4 stone lighter. I have ran a 5k under 30 minutes I have ran a 10k under 60 minutes I have ran a half marathon. I have qualified as a run leader I have bern a pacer, twice. I have booked a place for Manchester marathon next year 26 2 miles!!!

I have learnt so much in the last 2 years and if I could help just one person I would be very happy.
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