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Rob Hammond

Run Leader
DBS Expiry: 03/03/2020
When I started running:
Thursday the 13th of April 2006.

Why I started running:
During March of 2006 my Auntie a Type 1 Diabetic, suggested that she wanted to get fitter. As I was a lazy 19 year old at the time, I said that I would help her.

We started our fitness regime without the thought of running. As in fact it started out with joining the aerobics class at the school she was working at. It wasn’t until the class was cancelled one afternoon at the start of April that sparked other ideas. I remember it being a nice afternoon outside, as we had decided to jog around the school field to make up for the lack of aerobics.

Somehow we must have survived, as it wasn’t until later that week my Aunt had seen an advertisement for a Race for Live event in Boston on Sunday the 9th July. As this is an all ladies run, we both discussed it and then realised that the build-up could benefit us both. We both looked online for beginner guides that matched the number of weeks until the run and found one and set ourselves a starting date, Thursday the 13th of April. The guide started off small, progressing from jog for 3 minutes, walk 1 minute and repeat 4 times to ending with jog for 25 minutes before race day. At first, it seemed that the jog for 25 minutes was a long way away. But it soon dawns on you that it will take a lot of time and patience to get there.

Our runs soon developed on the school field, while on occasion being joined by my Father and a friend of my Aunt. During June we then decided to test our new found fitness by running to the next village and back, a distance of 2.8 miles. I remember looking at the watch and seeing 32:38, and congratulating mu Auntie for getting around. It has been since that day that we have never looked back to the field as our training ground.

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